Why serviceMob

Our thesis is very straight-forward -  if your analytics was working – you would have less contact demand and have quantifiable evidence of the experiences your customers have via your software, products, and support functions.

Service & Support Innovation

As customer service continues to evolve, contact centers are seeking new metrics to measure the effectiveness of their service in reducing customer effort. Customer effort is a key factor in customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend a service or product. Unfortunately, many customer service or support centers today focus on operational metrics such as Average Handle Time (AHT) to measure the effectiveness of their service operations.

serviceMob's AMPx metric takes into account the customer's experience

AHT is a measure of how long it takes for an agent to interact with a customer and is a useful metric for contact centers, however, it fails to capture the amount of effort the customer has to put in to solve their issue. serviceMob created a more comprehensive metric known as (AMPx) Average Minutes per Resolved Experience , to take into account all the time invested by the customer to resolve their issue, from the initial interaction to the last. AMPx provides a more holistic view of the customer service experience and a better understanding of customer effort in the context of how effective the business is at solving specific issue types.

AMPx measures service effectiveness

From executive leadership to frontline operation teams, the AMPx data ontology provides valuable insights into customer service effectiveness. It can be used to identify areas where customer effort is highest, pinpointing the most painful and prevalent issues customers are facing during their service journey. This data can then be used to socialize with those business units who can either prevent the contact demand, or reduce the level of effort needed via process changes, fixes, overhauls, approvals etc.

Additionally, it can be used to inform other departments like (Product, Marketing, and Success) which often influence contact demand and are unable to consume the data of service. With visibility at the contact intention level, serviceMob enables you to reduce the amount of time customers have to repeatedly call, chat, message, and email in for support.

AMPx is correlated to increasing CSAT

If existing analytics solutions could measure AMPx at the contact intention level, businesses would be able to identify and address customer issues more quickly, resulting in less contact demand, not more. Combined with our ability to look at contact resolution algorithmically, we are focusing on customer effort in a dramatically different way! In doing so, our customers increase customer satisfaction, decrease the cost to serve, and ultimately, increase customer loyalty...less interactions, cases, and tickets - less agents needed!

Actionable Analytics

The analytics of service has been limited and has underserved both executive and operations teams as a result of dark data, and fragmentation across hundreds of data models required to rationalize - “How effective are we at reducing customer effort?” Especially if we still have the same amount of cases and tickets!! Same amount of agents!? Even with AI we still have heavy contact demand - why are things not changing??

“How many customer experiences did we have last week, and which ones should we prioritize??”

Targeted coaching based on better metrics

Our platform allows you true visibility to agent resolution at the contact intention level. With this capability agents receive targeted coaching on the specific actions they can take to help resolve issues with fewer contacts and deliver better consistent service/support.

For executive teams, we created a prioritization model allowing you to prioritize the most painful and prevalent issues your customers face. This allows leadership teams to work cross-functionally, across other business units and teams to help reduce contact demand, and improve business processes.

Ontological Blocks

Utilizing ontological blocks, serviceMob helps customers build their data model specific to their industry and business needs. Through this process, we can prioritize data gaps, enrich your model as new data comes online, and support technology changes to ensure stability and reliability of your analytics instance.

Rationalizing both productivity and issues resolution, serviceMob ensures visibility to metrics and performance across channels to help optimize shrinkage, improve forecasting capabilities, and reduce the number of systems it takes to rationalize performance from enterprise to frontline agent.


Customer centricity is the process of placing customers at the center of every business decision and is becoming increasingly important in the modern digital world.  

Why is customer centricity important?

With customer centricity, businesses can create a positive customer experience, increase loyalty, and ultimately grow their profits. However, it can be difficult to truly understand and act on customer data without the right data model which ties all the data of the service journey together.

This is where serviceMob comes in – providing customers with an Ontolytics platform that allows them to take their dark customer service/support data and turn it into actionable insights with metrics not available anywhere else in the market.

Some of the challenges we help our customers with:

  • 1. Data Silos:

    Data silos are one of the biggest obstacles to realizing customer centricity as they impede information flow, making it difficult to get a holistic view of customer behavior. serviceMob helps break down these silos by providing a unified data source for all customer service/support data. This allows businesses to gain insight into their customer’s journey from beginning to end and identify patterns in behavior across different channels such as phone calls, emails, chats, etc. With this comprehensive view of their customers’ experiences, businesses are better able to solve issues, prevent repeat contacts, and improve their economic relationship with their customers.

  • 2. Data Reliability:

    Having access to reliable data is another key component in achieving true customer centricity, but any dark or poor-quality data points can lead to inaccurate reporting or skewed results. With a lack of visibility into metrics, businesses are led down the wrong path when attempting to make decisions about their customers’ experiences. Fortunately, serviceMob has robust data wrangling capabilities which allow them to identify and repair poor quality data points so that you have access only to reliable information when making decisions about your customers’ needs.

  • 3. Actionable Data:

    Without actionable insights derived from an accurate data model, it is difficult for businesses to determine which strategies are working best to reduce customer effort, as a result of the many systems being used across multiple channels, making it difficult for them to get a cohesive view of how well they are meeting those needs. By utilizing serviceMob's complete suite of analytics tools, businesses can gain access to both traditional operational metrics as well as, more advanced metrics like PITCH (Post Interaction Transactional Churn) - which measures how likely a customer is to churn after a particular interaction - allowing them to take fact-driven actions rather than relying solely on intuition and gut instinct decisions. We also provide access to Contacts Per Resolution which provides an understanding of how many contacts it takes the business to resolve an issue - helping to prioritize the most painful and prevalent issues customers face, so the enterprise can focus on reducing contact demand (customer effort).

  • 4. True Service Journey Insights:

    Finally, having visibility into what’s actually happening with customers at every stage of their journey is essential for creating an optimal experience that keeps them coming back time and again. ServiceMob offers unparalleled visibility into the service journey helping businesses re-model their queues to account for frequency and recency of contact to provide new enhanced forecasting capabilities otherwise unreachable without data ontology.

In the end, serviceMob provides a powerful Ontolytics platform that helps organizations achieve true customer centricity by breaking down siloed datasets while providing access to clean, reliable sources of information, along with advanced analytics tools offering insight into contact resolution effectiveness, likelihood to churn based on service outcomes, and AI driven contact reason categorization, amongst other things - all delivered through real-time dashboards giving visibility into what's happening with each individual agent, up to the enterprise as a whole. As such, it presents organizations with an invaluable opportunity to realize just how central their customers should be for every decision they make.

Shining a Light on the Dark Data of Service

serviceMob unifies all of the data from every software and technology utilized by customer service operations. This is a critical need, as many companies use a dozen or more different systems, and none of them communicate with each other. Today, businesses have a tremendous amount of dark data which is variegated, not being utilized or modeled; and with the massive Franken-Stack which exists; it is extremely challenging to build the necessary analytical view to get a comprehensive view of customer service/support.

serviceMob is technology agnostic

serviceMob is technology agnostic, and can work with any vendor/homegrown system you currently have. Our data engineering team will work to either directly access or source the data as needed, with little to no involvement from other teams. We pull all of the data needed into your instance/model ensuring you have the most valuable insights aligned to reducing customer effort.

Our platform unifies all data into single pane of glass

serviceMob unifies all of the data from every software and technology utilized by customer service operations. This is a critical need, as many companies use a dozen or more different systems, and none of them communicate with each other.

By unifying all of the data from your technology ecosystem into one platform, our product provides unmatched visibility and insights into the operation. This enables companies to make data-driven decisions and identify areas of improvement, ultimately leading to happier customers and reduced cost to serve.

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serviceMob is a software company focused on data ontologies + analytics (Ontolytics) for Customer Service/Support X- industry taking all the dark data of the service journey and providing the tip of the spear metrics and analytics not accessible anywhere else in the market.

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