Stephen Gillis

At serviceMob, Stephen works alongside the CEO and CSO to oversee serviceMob’s marketing, investor funding, and business growth. He has been pivotal in raising money from investors and pitch customers our software. Stephen’s extensive background in marketing and consulting has lead serviceMob to reach as many people as possible with our message to drive attention and growth.

Stephen Gillis is an experienced marketing and sales executive for companies large and small. He graduated from Northeastern University where he studied marketing and worked at two different technology startups as a Growth Marketer. After Northeastern, Stephen went on to consult at Oracle NetSuite, doing ERP implementations for companies in the Advertising, Media, and Publishing industries. Stephen has worked for numerous technology startups and now brings that experience to the Business Development and Strategy team as Chief of Staff of serviceMob. Additionally, Stephen is fluent in Spanish.

Extra thoughts:

Customer service is an important area in business to fix because it affects all of us. We are all consumers who have to interact with customer service in our life. If customer service is better, then we can all save countless hours of our lives.