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February 2024

Workforce Optimization v 1.39

The new workforce optimization screen was created out of Anuj’s algorithm for forecasting that is able to anticipate call demand and staff call centers at the accurate 30 minute level while most competitors are at the hour level. The new workforce optimization screen provides insights on historical average handle time and contact density for the calls and chat channel.

In the past our clients have received the forecasting prediction through our consulting spreadsheet so this effort is to provide a more accessible version on our platform. While this is the first initial forecasting we are excited to release more capabilities on forecasting. 

Data Query Added to the Workforce Optimization v 1.40

The data query was added to the workforce optimization screen where the data can be sliced by different attributes such as language, region, department, date of hire, etc. The list of attributes varies by data availability.

March 2024

Export on Workforce Optimization v 1.41

The new workforce optimization screen is now available for exporting spreadsheets.

NCSAT Enhancement and Calls Handled v 1.42

The Calls Handled screen has been added as an agent metric - this screen is a summary view that shows the volume of outbound and inbound calls for each agent across the week. The demand chart on the enterprise dashboard now breakdowns the data for calls into inbound and outbound calls.

For customers with NCSAT metrics, a tooltip was added to show the volume breakdown of satisfied, neutral, and dissatisfied customers. Additionally, the Agent scorecard and Enterprise Dashboard now includes the NCSAT volume for satisfied, neutral, and dissatisfied.

Export Available for NCSAT and Calls Handled v 1.43

The Calls Handled screen and NCSAT screen are now available for exporting excel spreadsheets.