Kristelle Batucal

Kristelle focuses on the user experience and user interface design of serviceMob's platform. She's integral for taking stakeholder feedback and working cross-functionally to deliver an insightful product.

Kristelle has a strong background in research, marketing, and fundraising where she worked for multiple environmental organizations in Washington, DC including the Climate Reality Project and GRID Alternatives. Previous to joining serviceMob, she worked as a user experience freelancer where she worked on a website for a cat shelter in NYC and consulted for Elemental Studios. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science but she has been using photoshop since she was a kid. When she was transitioning to user experience design, Kristelle volunteered and baristed at the first cat cafe in Peru.

Extra thoughts:

Working for serviceMob has allowed me to connect the dots on why customer service data is important for improving customer experience. I can't imagine working parents with limited time who have to be transferred multiple times and repeat their cases. Helping call centers means helping people.