Justin Greer

Justin Greer is our full stack software engineer. Justin has formerly worked in various fields including horticulture, environmental science, museums. Justin pivoted from a future in the legal sector and shifted his focus towards software engineering. After graduating from University ofColorado Boulder in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and HumanitiesMinor Justin went on to attain a Certificate of Completion for Hack Reactor’s Immersive Course and Residency.

Justin’s core responsibilities are to assemble, and maintain company screens which dynamically display client data for a variety of channels and metrics. All data is queried from a PostgreSQL database and passed through an array of microservices available to the front-end. Outside of work, Justin loves backpacking and volunteering as a former coach fora college esports league.

Extra thoughts:

For the most part customer service has always been an annoyance, obstacle, or chore of some sort that has to be handled not because you want to, but because you have to. Changing this mindset and making customer service something that is easy, simple, effortless has the potential to truly evolve what a company is capable of. serviceMob has the potential to truly evolve what a company is capable of.